Campari Jelly


Campari and Tomato Jelly Box with Citrus Candy Dried Skins and Széchuan Pepper

Serves 4

  • 1⁄2 bottle (35CL) of bitter CAMPARI
  • 1Kg fresh TOMATOES (peeled and with the seeds removed)
  • the juice of 1 LEMON and 1 ORANGE
  • 200g white cane SUGAR AGAR-AGAR in flakes
  • the skin of 1 LEMON, 1 ORANGE, 1 LIME and 1 pink GRAPEFRUIT (with the white side completely removed) cut in long and regular stripes A SYRUP made with 100G WATER
  • 150G SUGAR and 2-3 SZÉCHUAN peppercorns
  • 3-4 SZÉCHUANpeppercornsfor garnish
  • some powdered BEET SUGAR

in a double bottom steel pan, put together the fresh tomatoes (chopped with a knife), the citrus juice and the sugar; cook at very low fire until perfectly dry (about 20 minutes), then weigh the “jam” and add the half of that weight of Campari, adjust the taste using in case a little of cane sugar syrup or lemon juice.

Weigh all the mix and use the 1% of its weight of agar-agar. Put the agar-agar flakes in a little pan with a little of water (about 20cl) and get boil keeping whipped for 2 minutes until they are perfectly melt then, add the agar-agar in the tomato-Campari mix and pour all in a rectangular shape box 4 cm tall; get cold in a fridge for 1 hour.

Boil the citrus skins for 30 seconds then drain and cool them under fresh cold water, repeat one time more then add them to the syrup and leave them in for 1 day.

Take off the skins from the syrup, and roll them in the powdered sugar then get them dry in different shapes (springs, threads…)

Make some cubes (about 4 cm for side) from the jelly and try to create a magic box using the citrus candy dry skins and the Széchuan peppercorns.

Download the PDF version.

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